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Meet Dutch!  Although a very playful, 3-year-old, 85 lb. German Shepherd-mix, this lover thinks he is a 5 lb lap dog. Dutch (or Dutchy-Boy to his friends) loves people, dogs, cats, squirrels -- basically anything or anyone – and, for this reason, Dutch is Omnia’s Client Greeter.  

A chatty fellow, there are few things more entertaining than listening to Dutch get his point across verbally. Late feeding him? He will let you know by patiently waiting next to his bowl and literally trying to say, “you are late!” 

Although Dutch loves to cuddle and give hugs, beware because his size and enthusiasm can literally knock you over if you're not ready for it!  This talkative “gentle giant” might be an intimidating size, but he just wants to be everyone's best friend!  Dutch is also an excellent jumper and can play a mean game of catch. But when he is tired, he will lay across your feet and take a nice lil nap. 

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