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Milton the Wonderdog

Milton is a mix of Labrador, Mastiff, Boxer, and Beagle breeds. Despite being only three-years-old, he has a unique personality that reflects his ancestral diversity and prolific reading ability. His favorite books are Ulysses by Joyce, The Sound and The Fury by Faulkner, and Clifford the Big Red Dog by Bridwell.

An aspiring filmmaker, his inspiration comes from the films of Martin Scorsese, John Waters, Francis Ford Coppola, Kathryn Bigelow, and Snoopy. He is currently working on a treatment for a semi-autobiographical screenplay tentatively titled “Krypto v. The Vacuum Cleaner.” 

Howard has designated him as the official taste tester for everything except chocolate, avocado, and onions. His favorite dish is chicken and waffles.

Milton & Howard enjoy taking walks in  Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, or Georgetown in search of treats or belly rubs. They're happy with either one.

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