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Meet Zorro, a 9-year-old Lab/Hound mix and Heidi’s Head of Security! Although the Hound in Zorro makes him analytical (and an excellent howler), the Labrador in him keeps him firmly focused on peanut butter treats. Having figured out that only brown trucks deliver his beloved treats, Zorro enthusiastically welcomes their arrival with a sweet smile and vigorous tail wag. Conversely, having concluded that the orange/blue/white trucks never deliver his treats, Zorro “encourages” those trucks to honk, toss and keep on trucking. Zorro’s policy is no peanut butter treats, no driveway access!!  

But this smart boy’s true talent is his ability to sniff out pests/rabbits/cats/squirrels and quickly and efficiently escort them off of the property. Thereafter, Zorro will check the premises every single day to be sure those unwelcome intruders stay gone! 

While Zorro enjoys his property to be peaceful and tranquil, he does like a good party and will sit right in the mix of it. Even then, Zorro ensures everything is secure, including chasing dancing feet on the dance floor.

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